From an early age I was intrigued by all things beauty which led me to my career as a professional makeup artist. I have had my hands on countless different skin types and multiple clients always asked me what I did to keep my skin so healthy.

To tie into my love for beauty, I also have a passion for health. I battle with endometriosis and want to use only the most natural products to keep my disease at bay. I was not only concerned about what I put in my body, but also what I put on my body.  I realized there weren’t many options for me to use because of harmful fillers and preservatives heavily used in skincare and makeup, so I started learning and using the most natural and beneficial system to treat and care for my skin. Today I share my journey with you through these products to bring you the most natural and beneficial way to treat your skin without harm to your other organs.

in|harmony is a company that is committed to keeping your skin healthy.  Our mission is to provide you with great skincare products that are handmade in small batches from the highest quality sources that will make your skin say thank you!  Our initial product collection is handmade, 100% organic, vegan, natural and cruelty free.  Your skin is the largest organ of your body, so you should treat it with care.  What you put on the outside can have an effect on the inside.   That is why we believe in using quality ingredients and all of our products are handmade, with love.

-xo, Kaytie Nicole